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All images on the website are available to buy as archival pigment prints in Limited Editions of 50.


12x18" - $450

10x15" - $300

8x12" -  $225

6x9" -    $100



12"x18" $300

10x15" $225

8x12" $12

Almost all images are originally shot on film and then printed digitally with Epson inkjet printers.

I find the resolution and subtlety of tones on film to be superior to a digital capture.


As someone who was a student of the 'zone system, and has been making fine prints for years, I find the digital printing process to now be superior to traditional chemical printing.

The ability to fine-tune and make adjustments with digital printing, as compared to traditional darkroom printing, makes it possible to express my intentions and perfect the prints to a level that would not be attainable with traditional wet printing processes.


The prints are made using archival Epson K-3 inks. The choice of printing papers is usually Hahnamuhle Rag 308.

Both the inks and papers are museum-quality archival materials that have a tested longevity of over 200 years.


Prices are the same for either horizontal or vertical format pictures of the same dimensions.

Sizes for some images are approximate when the proportions are not exactly as listed above.